Elegance Created By Man
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‘Diamond is girl’s best friend’. It is treated as a symbol of love since ages. But diamonds are very costly and rare. Thus, the “man made diamonds” have made a potential market. After several years of research, these lab created diamonds were developed and the best part is that, these gems are less expensive. These diamonds are boon for the industry of jewelry as well as technology.

Man Made Diamonds – The History

The history of man made diamonds is more than hundred years old. Long before, in 1893, a scientist in Arizona found small structures that resemble diamond. He used those structures and tried to imitate them. But the first man made diamond was formed in the year 1902 and it was a ruby.

Types of Man Made Diamonds

Man Made Diamonds | Elegance Created By ManThere are generally two types of lab created diamonds. The first variety is synthetic and the other variety is simulant.

Synthetic Variety

Synthetic man made diamonds are quite similar to the natural diamond varieties. There is hardly any difference between the two varieties of diamonds. The only probable difference is that natural diamonds are mined out of nature and the man made diamonds are born in laboratory.

Simulant Variety

Simulant diamond is another variety of man made diamonds. These diamond varieties are made up of varied chemical composition. Simulant diamonds are made up of silicon carbide and a solid mineral called moissanite. There are several types of simulant diamonds but Cubic Zirconia is the most popular one. Cubic Zirconia is available in plenty and they are less costly too. Cubic Zirconia is available since 1970s and it is made up of zirconium oxide (ZrO2).


The stones within the synthetic type are classified according to their manufacturing method. Earlier, synthetic diamonds were created by duplicating natural conditions. Such condition was provided by using high pressure and high temperature (HPHT).

There are several brands of synthetic or cultured diamonds that are using this technique. Some of the popular brands are Gemesis, LifeGem and Tairus. However, Tairus use the combination of high pressure – high temperature and the hydrothermal method.

Apart from HPHT, CVD is yet another popular method of forming man made diamonds. CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition uses a seed element and creates chemical reaction. The reaction results in formation of vapor, which is made up of carbon. Then  the diamond is deposited onto the seed, atom by atom. Famous man made diamond brand using this technique is Apollo Diamonds.


There are numerous utilities of these man made diamonds. These diamonds are not only beautiful but also very durable. These gems are hard and can perform the task of thermal conductors. Thus, these lab created diamonds can be used in  radiation detection devices, lasers, semiconductors and computers. It also helps science to conduct varied research works. As natural diamonds are costly and not available abundantly, these man made diamonds serve excellently for the scientists and researchers.